All people adore music. Our hearts, mind, and brain all feel renewed by it. We, therefore, enjoy listening to music when we are bored. There are many options available to you if you want to purchase the best music for your Android phone. You can purchase it from any streaming service, the Google Play Store, or In reality, developers have created a variety of methods for users to receive music due to the increased use of mobile phones. You need not worry at all about this, therefore. Here, we’ve listed the top methods for downloading music to an Android phone. Read on to find out which one will work best for you.

Ways to Buy Music on Android Phone

Method 1: Google Play Music App

Using the Google Music app to purchase songs is something we strongly advise if you use an Android device. This is a fantastic music streaming service and online music locker that allows you to listen to any type of song you want. The cost of the subscription is extremely minimal. After paying that, you can purchase your favorite album, singer, or artist’s music. Find out how to purchase music using the Google Play Music app below.

Make sure you are using the most recent version of the Google Play store as the first step in this procedure. Therefore, it is best to update the Play Store first before taking the following actions.

Open the Google Play store after that, and download the Google Play Music app from there.

Having a Google wallet account is also required if you want to purchase music from Google Play music. Add a payment method for the Play Store if you already have one. Create an account first, then add a payment method if you don’t already have one.

Reopen the Play store now. Click on the Music tab there, which is on the very first page.

You will be taken to the Music Home page as soon as you tap the Music section. A variety of sections, including the Genre section, new releases, albums, etc., can be seen by swiping left and right. Additionally, you can use the magnifying glass to look up a specific song.

After finding and choosing the song you want to purchase, tap on the price, and a purchase wizard will help you finish the transaction.

The Google Play Music app will then have the purchased songs available. You can listen to music here whenever you want. Alternatively, you could download them to listen to them offline later.

Method 2: Amazon MP3

Amazon MP3

Another excellent option for purchasing music for an Android phone is Amazon MP3. also runs a music locker and a streaming service for this. The procedure for purchasing music from Amazon MP3 is far too easy. That’s all there is to it; just make sure you have an Amazon account. Here is a detailed explanation of the entire procedure.

the Amazon account must first be logged in. Create an account nonetheless, and add a payment method if you don’t already have one. If using a gift card’s balance instead of a payment method is more convenient for you, you can purchase music.

You will have access to the music store once you have signed in. Look around that store to find the best song. Using the magnifying glass, you can also look for the necessary music.

Once you have the necessary song, choose it and tap the price to finish the purchase.

The purchased song can be found in the menu option “My library.”

All of the music you’ve bought can either be streamed or downloaded so you can listen to it later without an internet connection.

Method 3: Streaming Services

Utilizing any of the streaming services is the third way to purchase music for your Android phone. There are numerous streaming services on the market. Therefore, you can purchase music using any of them. Some of the best apps for this include Pandora and Spotify. These apps all let you download music to your Android device for free and for a fee. While there are ads in the paid version, there are none in the free version. Find out how to purchase music for your phone using streaming services below.

Open the Play store first, then download the needed app. Download the Pandora app if you don’t want to use Spotify.

Log in to the account, then start streaming your preferred music. That’s it.

Recommended Streaming Services



a digital music service that gives you access to a sizable library of music files all playable in high definition. Within the app, you can look for your preferred music, make playlists, and even download the songs for later listening!

A step-by-step guide to buying music from Spotify:

  1. On your Android smartphone, download the Spotify app from the Google Play Store.
  2. Create a Spotify account now, or upgrade an existing account to Spotify Premium. This will enable you to download music to your smartphone from the Spotify database. Click “Premium” in the top right corner of the app to get the premium account. To obtain the premium account, follow the instructions displayed on-screen.
  3. Make a playlist of your favorite songs by looking through the Spotify music library.
  4. The song, album, or playlist you want to download can be found on the Library page. To download the song to your Android smartphone from this page, tap “Available offline.”



The music you need can be sensed by the music streaming and recommendation app Pandora. You can browse through the most well-known music on the market right now using this incredibly powerful app. Additionally, the app will automatically modify upcoming suggestions based on the music you stream and download!

A step-by-step guide to buying music from Pandora:

  1. Install the Google Play Store app for Pandora Radio.
  2. Utilize the browse option to find the desired song, album, or artist. You can even use the search feature to look for a particular song.
  3. Tap on the album or song that you wish to download for viewing



Over 7 million songs are available on Saavn, claims Wikipedia. In more than 200 countries, Saavn is the authorized distributor of Hindi and English music. You can download songs for offline listening from the Saavn app, make a playlist of your favorite tunes, or stream music from there!

A step-by-step guide to buying music from Saavn:

  1. Get the Saavn app from the Google Play Store.
  2. Create a Saavn Pro account from within the account (or upgrade an existing account to Pro). In order to subscribe to Saavn Pro, you must pay a fee of $3.99 per month.
  3. Utilize your Saavn Pro account to log into the app. Find your favorite music by searching through Saavn’s enormous database of music files.
  4. On your Android smartphone, tap the “Cloud” button next to any albums or songs you want to download. This will give you the option to do so. The song will then be accessible for offline listening from the storage space on your smartphone.



If you enjoy music, Bandcamp is a great resource for finding new music that is frequently not played on commercial radio. The majority of the purchase price goes straight to the article because Bandcamp only keeps a small commission. Bandcamp is a great place to discover new music, though bigger acts are unlikely to be there given that they already have outlets (Amazon, Apple, etc.). Visit the Google Play store to download Bandcamp.

These are the three most effective ways to purchase music for an Android phone. You can use any to download your favorite music to your phone.



eMusic is similar to Bandcamp and differs from other popular subscription-based streaming services like Spotify or Amazon Music in that it focuses on promoting emerging artists that you won’t likely find on those platforms. Songs can be purchased singly or as part of albums. At the Google Play store, get eMusic for Android.

These are the three most effective ways to purchase music for an Android device. Use any to download your favorite music to your phone.


How Do I Purchase Music for My MP3 Player?

Best Stores for Buying MP3 and Digital Music You Own Forever

  1. iTunes. best digital music library.
  2. Indie music is best found on Bandcamp.
  3. The Amazon Music Digital Store. best for Prime subscribers.
  4. 7Digital. Best prices for lossless music.
  5. Dance music works best with a bleep.