Did you know that Costco now carries Blanton’s bourbon? If you want to try your luck, read on to learn more about Blanton’s bourbon, including its cost at Costco and the stores where it is sold.

One of the whiskey industry’s hardest-to-find bottles is Blanton’s bourbon.

Of course, the Buffalo Trace Distillery always has bottles available, but it’s important to remember that each customer is only permitted to buy one every 90 days, and that’s assuming the distillery has them in stock.

Does Costco Sell Blanton’s Bourbon?

The bourbon Blanton’s is available at Costco, despite popular belief. They are also not raising the prices. Only the bottle is offered for sale; MSRP.

We are equally as shocked as you are, so we agree. According to their website, the Buffalo Trace Distillery is out of stock, but you never know when you might find a rare unicorn bottle in a huge retailer close to you. But there’s a catch: Each customer is only allowed to make one purchase each day.

Because Blanton’s is known for flying off the shelves quickly, you can purchase one today but there is no guarantee that you will be able to purchase another one tomorrow.

How Much Does Blanton’s Bourbon Cost?

Costco sells Blanton’s whiskey for MSRP, or about $49.99.

We’ve seen Blanton’s being sold for at least $80 in some retail stores, so trust us when we say this is a great deal. A 750ml bottle of Blanton’s costs an outrageous $130 on the online liquor store Drizly.

Blanton’s is an excellent bourbon with a strong flavor profile, but it can be difficult to justify paying more than $80 for it. We find that $60 is the sweet spot for its quality.

Can You Buy Blanton’s in Every Costco Store?

No, you probably won’t be able to purchase Blanton’s in every Costco location. It’s unusual to see Blanton’s inside a Costco location, and we doubt it will be accessible at all of the warehouses.

Costco Stores That Sell Blanton’s Bourbon

In Las Vegas, we discovered Blanton’s bourbon at a Costco. There is a catch, though: each customer is only allowed to buy one bottle of bourbon each day.

Some bourbon enthusiasts asserted a few years ago that Blanton’s bourbon could be purchased for just $46.99 per 750ml at Costco San Leandro, California.

Additionally, you can order alcohol delivery service from more than 200 Costco locations across 11 states.

You can just order from Instacart and wait for it to be delivered to your home if you live in Florida, California, Illinois, Idaho, Hawaii, Nebraska, North Carolina, Missouri, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Washington, DC, and Ohio.

Where to Buy It

If the label isn’t sold out, you can purchase Blanton’s bourbon from the Buffalo Trace Distillery’s gift shop.

The Gift Shop’s policy states that the labels are contingent on what is offered that day, and they frequently switch out the brands. One bottle per customer every 90 days is also a strict rule that must be followed.

Of course, some small retailers sell Blanton’s bourbon, but you can anticipate a significant price markup given its scarcity. Additionally, some online retailers like Drizly and TotalWine sell Blanton’s bourbon for a noticeable premium over its typical MSRP.

Costco’s Price Vs Other Liquor Stores

The MSRP for Blanton’s bourbon at Costco is about $49.99, which is significantly less expensive than the prices at most neighborhood shops.

At our neighborhood retail store, we’ve seen Blanton’s being sold for at least $80. Blanton’s is offered by the online retailer Drizly for about $130 per 750ml bottle.

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Can You Only Buy Blanton’s If You’re a Costco Member?

No, purchasing Blanton’s bourbon does not require membership in Costco. Legally, the sale of alcohol shouldn’t be restricted to only members.

This law is present in states like New York, Kentucky, and California. Regardless of whether you belong to Costco, you can still use the Food Court, Pharmacy, and Optical Services.

Why is Blanton’s So Hard to Find?

Due to its complex production processes, Blanton’s is hard to come by. Since it is a single barrel bourbon, the barrel must reach the ideal state for bottling before it can be taken out of storage to be sold.

Normally, Blanton takes six to eight years to fully mature.

Does Costco Deliver Blanton’s Bourbon?

Only the following 11 states—California, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, and Washington, D.C.—can receive deliveries of Blanton’s bourbon or any other alcoholic beverage. For this feature, you can use Instacart.

Final Words

It’s true that Costco sells Blanton’s bourbon; to find out if your neighborhood Costco has this unicorn bottle, simply check online.

Having said that, not all Costco likely carries Blanton’s because it’s a fairly uncommon bottle; even Buffalo Trace, the company’s own distillery, rarely does. In order to prevent hoarders or people trying to sell their possessions for a profit, there is a restriction of just one bottle per customer per day.

A high markup in price is to be expected due to the high demand for Blanton’s bourbon in smaller retail outlets and online liquor stores.