No matter if you are using USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, Paypal, a credit card, etc., there isn’t a particularly simple way to convert your money into WETH directly.. the list goes on.

You must first convert your preferred currency into one of the popular cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin, and then send that currency to an exchange where you can quickly exchange your BTC, ETH, or LTC for WETH.

Note: If you decide to invest in cryptocurrencies or any other type of investment, please do your own research. When purchasing new coins or taking part in any ICOs, make sure to double-check all of the links and websites you are visiting. Please do not interpret the information below or any other content on this website as investment advice—it is not. This is a manual on how to purchase the coin that you are probably already interested in and thinking about purchasing as an investment.

What is the Difference Between WETH and ETH?

The native token of the Ethereum blockchain is ether (ETH). You might need to convert your ETH into WETH if you want to use ETH according to the ERC-20 standard. Here is a detailed guide on how to purchase Wrapped Ethereum (WETH).

What is WETH?

Wrapped Ethereum (WETH) is an ERC-20 token linked to the original token of Ethereum, ETH. The Ethereum blockchain can support smart contracts thanks to the ERC-20 token standard. An electronic program known as a “smart contract” is used to enforce contractual terms. As a result, there are numerous possibilities with ERC-20 tokens. WETH and ETH have the same value because they are both pegged to Ethereum. You must wrap your ETH in order to access services that are paid for with ERC-20 tokens. In some cases, platforms will swap it for you as a preliminary step in the transaction, but sometimes you have to do it yourself. On platforms for decentralized applications (dApps) and decentralized finance (DeFi), WETH—the tradeable form of ETH—is frequently employed.

Brief History of WETH

WETH was launched in 2017 and was linked to ETH. The second-largest cryptocurrency in the world, ETH, may soon challenge Bitcoin for the top spot. Here is a chart showing the price development of ETH.

ERC-20 tokens that operate on the Ethereum blockchain cannot be directly exchanged for ETH. You must first wrap ETH in WETH in order to trade it for these tokens. Utilizing dApps within the Ethereum ecosystem was one of the primary drivers behind the founding of WETH.

How to Buy WETH

You’ll need some regular ETH before you can learn how to purchase WETH.

Step 1: Open An Online Account.

Opening an account on a cryptocurrency exchange to buy ETH is the first step in obtaining WETH. To open an account, you’ll need provide things such as:

  • Your full legal name
  • Your address
  • Your phone number and email address
  • A government-issued ID (includes driver’s license, passport or military ID)
  • A password of your choice

You might be asked for more personal information depending on the exchange. It’s a good idea to have the data listed above prepared before opening an account. The majority of exchanges give you as little as a few minutes to open an account, but some exchanges may require more time to verify your ID. You are now prepared to start investing after having your identity confirmed.

Purchase ETH. As the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, Ethereum is supported by a number of well-known crypto trading platforms. Some of your best options include eToro, Webull and Robert Hood Markets Inc. (NASDAQ: HOOD).

Step 2: Buy Or Download a Wallet (optional).

You’ll need a wallet that accepts WETH in order to obtain it. Hardware wallets and software wallets are the two primary categories of cryptocurrency wallets. While frequently simpler and quicker to use than their hardware counterparts, software wallets are less secure. Exodus wallet and MetaMask are two of the best software wallet options available at the moment. A decentralized exchange (DEX) like Uniswap will then be accessible through your wallet, where you can exchange your ETH for WETH.

Best Hardware Wallet: Ledger

One of the best hardware wallet brands available is Ledger. It is simple to use and allows for sending and receiving WETH. After purchasing a Ledger hardware wallet, you download the company’s software to your computer and register for an account.

Your wallet address, which is typically a long string of letters and numbers, will be given to you after which you can send and receive thousands of cryptocurrencies using the wallet. Software wallets are typically free, whereas hardware wallets typically cost money. Hardware wallets provide an additional level of security over software wallets. In order to check your account balance, Ledger also offers the convenience of connecting to software wallets like MetaMask.

Best Software Wallet: MetaMask

A popular and open-source online wallet for Ethereum is called MetaMask. On the web browsers Microsoft Edge, Brave, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Mozilla offer it as an extension. On both iOS and Android phones, it also has an app.

  1. gives you the option to directly exchange ETH for WETH in your wallet.
  2. In Google Chrome’s upper right corner, click the wallet extension icon.
  3. Click Swap.
  4. As much ETH as you like can be exchanged for WETH.

Step 3: Swap for WETH through a DEX.

  1. Launch Uniswap.
  2. Connect your wallet with the “Connect Wallet” button in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. As shown below, choose WETH at the bottom and ETH at the top.
  1. Enter the desired number of ETH you want to exchange for WETH.
  2. Press Wrap, complete the transaction in the wallet window, and in a few seconds your WETH should show up in your wallet

Note: You might need to add the token to Metamask (or whichever wallet you are using) if you don’t see your WETH after the swap completes. To accomplish this, simply click import tokens on the Assets tab of the Metamask window after scrolling down. Either do a search for WETH there or copy and paste the token address from a website like CoinMarketCap.

Trade, Sell Or Convert Your ETH to WETH

Depending on your individual objectives and preferences, you can choose to trade, sell, or convert your cryptocurrency. If you want to profit from WETH, a common strategy is to sell some of your holdings when they are rising and hold onto some for the long term to reduce risk. The majority of exchanges let you trade your cryptocurrency for USDC, a stablecoin pegged to the U.S., or sell it for cash. dollar. Taking profits when cryptocurrency prices increase may help you accumulate more when they decline if your goal is to build up your cryptocurrency holdings over the long term.

You can use Uniswap to change your ETH into WETH by following the above instructions. To make an offer on OpenSea, you must first convert your ETH to WETH. It is simplest to convert your WETH back to ETH before selling it for cash.

Buy Weth on CoinBase

In this beginner’s guide, we’ll show you how to trade and invest in cryptocurrency using CoinBase, one of the oldest exchanges in existence and one of the quickest and simplest ways to do so right now. Additionally, Binance will serve as our exchange.

Step 1

Create an account at Get $10 in BTC when you spend your first $100 using our link. Go straight to Step 4 if you already possess cryptocurrency or have a CoinBase account.


Step 2

After logging in, select the Settings menu, then the Accounts tab. Click the “Link a New Account” button and add your payment information. You’ll need to provide things such as:

  • Your full legal name
  • Your address
  • Your phone number and email address
  • A government-issued ID (includes driver’s license, passport or military ID)
  • A password of your choice

On your card or bank account, CoinBase will then make 2 small transactions. Log into your online bank account or credit card to confirm the small transactions CoinBase carried out to confirm your payment method.

Step 3

To purchase some cryptocurrency, select the Buy/Sell tab.

The second step involves choosing the coin you want, entering the transaction amount, and confirming it. Some of the most popular cryptocurrencies accepted at WETH exchanges include BTC and ETH.

At this point, you could even just continue to hold onto your new cryptocurrencies in your CoinBase account and let it happen (hopefully!!!) appreciate before investing in any alt coins and selling them later.

Step 4

Let’s set everything up so you can send your new coins to a platform where WETH is traded.

We’ll use Binance as our exchange for this tutorial.

To create your exchange account, visit .


There are also several other alternative exchanges available if you prefer:

Exchanges Currently Accepting New Sign Ups:

  • Binance
  • YoBit
  • STEX
  • Bilaxy
  • CoinFalcon
  • Bleutrade
  • Bithumb
  • HitBTC

Step 5

Configure and validate your account’s email. You can enable 2FA for your account after logging in to increase security.

Now that you’re in your swanky new cryptocurrency exchange account, you’re prepared to exchange the CoinBase coins you bought for WETH.

In the Funds menu click on Deposits and you will land on this page here:

You will be given your specific address to send to after choosing the coin you bought on CoinBase.

Step 6

Send your coins to your new exchange account by returning them to CoinBase. To start, click the Send button after selecting the Accounts tab to display your current balances.

To confirm the transaction, enter the exchange address. Make sure your exact address is entered with extreme caution. I always double- and triple-check everything before sending any cryptocurrency, and you should do the same.

Step 7

Return to your exchange account to check the balance. For your coins to appear, please allow a few minutes. When it is finished, Binance will display it on the transactions tab.

Step 8

Now is the time to purchase WETH. Put a buy order in on the BTC to WETH exchange by going to the exchange tab (start with basic). Be aware that some exchanges may have minimum buy amounts, so check before beginning. You can find the coins listed on the right on Binance:

Step 9

The bottom Buy / Sell area will change to the desired WETH exchange when you click on it. Enter the precise amount (or, if you’d rather, a percentage of your balance) and then wait for the trade to execute.

You now possess some brand-new, shiny WETH after your order has been fulfilled and the trade has been concluded! From this point, you can decide whether to let it (hopefully!) continue in the exchange or keep it.!) appreciate, trade it for another alt coin, or pretty much do whatever you want with it.

We now come to our last step, which is to advise using a more secure wallet.

Step 10

Transfer it to a safe wallet! There are many options available, including hardware wallets, software, and even plain old pieces of paper. We recommend the following wallets for storing your WETH:


  • Trezor
  • Ledger


  • Electrum
  • Exodus

Advantages of WETH

Advancement of Decentralised Financial Activities

The most complete and compatible DeFi ecosystem is thought to be the Ethereum Blockchain, which is also regarded as such. Its capabilities go beyond merely registering and validating transactions. Users will find it difficult to switch from ETH to WETH because WETH is more reliable. This promotes the development of a decentralized financial system.

Providing Interoperability

WETH offers interoperability with standardized tokens, as was already mentioned. Due to the fact that there is little to no room for error, the economy is improved as a result.

High Compatibility

The majority of platforms create the tokens they require as a form of payment to operate their respective platforms using the Ethereum blockchain and the ERC-20 standards. The transactions can be carried out more effectively due to the high compatibility.

WETH’s main advantage is that it makes it possible for financial transactions to take place decentralizedly without the need for a middleman. Interoperability is another benefit.


In conclusion, wrapped tokens aid in getting around barriers to accessing other blockchains. They offer a lot of liquidity and can facilitate swifter and less expensive transactions on various blockchains. Wrapped tokens like WETH have limitless potential given the development of decentralized financing. WETH is one of the most well-liked wrapped tokens available today, particularly due to its high compatibility and interoperability, as well as how simple it is to wrap and unwrap Ethereum using DEX aggregators.


Which is the Best Payment Method to Use?

The cheapest method is to purchase bitcoins using a bank account (or WETH directly using a bank account) and then exchange the BTC for WETH.

How Can I Sell WETH (WETH)?

To convert your WETH to any other cryptocurrency, Binance and Changelly are reliable exchanges. Trade WETH for bitcoin and exchange BTC into dollars, euros, or other currencies if you want to convert it to regular money.

While purchasing WETH with a credit card is the quickest option, the costs will be higher.

Can I Buy WETH With PayPal?

WETH cannot currently be purchased directly through PayPal. To use PayPal, you must first purchase bitcoin, which you must then exchange for WETH using a service like Binance.

Can I Buy WETH With Cash?

WETH cannot be bought outright with cash. Despite the fact that some ATMs support WETH, they only make up less than 1% of all cryptocurrency ATMs.

Purchasing bitcoin first and then exchanging it for WETH using a platform like Binance is required if you want to make a cash purchase.

Can I Buy WETH With Bitcoin?

Yes, you can do that quickly by using Binance to convert your bitcoins to WETH.

Can I Buy WETH With Skrill?

Europeans can use BitPanda to use Skrill to purchase bitcoin or ethereum. Then, on Binance, WETH can be bought with Ethereum or BTC.

Can I Buy WETH With Ethereum?

Yes, you can easily convert Ethereum to WETH using Binance.

How Can I Protect WETH Once I Purchase It?

In a safe wallet, you ought to keep your WETC. Simply by leaving WETH on an exchange, you run the risk of losing money in the event that the exchange is hacked. Utilizing 2FA is crucial because it protects against account hacks as well.

Can I Mine WETH Instead of Buying It?

Due to WETH’s distinct network architecture from that of Bitcoin, you cannot mine it. Only exchanges permit the purchase of WETH.