After completing Nier: Automata three times, talk to the Strange Resistance Woman in the Resistance Camp to purchase achievements.

NieR: Automata has a hilariously unique mechanic which allows you to buy achievements. For trophy and achievement hunters, this unconventional process makes things much simpler. However, there’s still work to be done before you can access this mechanic.

Basic Information

  1. In NieR Automata there are a total of 48 achievements (1 of which is a platinum trophy available only on PS4 and PS5). Trophies can be won by meeting their requirements or “cheating” and buying them for gold – the main currency in the game. Because some trophies require a grind or just a lot of time playing the game, this can be an interesting option. You can avoid wasting a number of hours of playtime by buying them.
  2. The trophy shop is not immediately available. It won’t be accessible to you until you’ve finished the campaign’s chapters. It is good to plan the purchase of trophies in advance and try not to spend gold on a regular basis as you progress through the game. Additionally, try collect as much loot as possible so you can sell it later if you need to. This is because, as will be explained below, you must pay to unlock specific trophies.
  3. Only the unlocked achievements are available after using the trophy store. This won’t necessarily satisfy their needs, though. For instance, the missing weapons won’t magically appear in your inventory if you buy a trophy for having a collection of them. To unlock achievements in the system and earn the platinum trophy or 100% of the achievements is the only goal of the described action.

What You Need to Do to Buy Achievements

To buy achievements in NieR: Automata, you’ll first need to beat the game at least three times.

Replaying and beating the game multiple times is a central theme in NieR: Automata. If you haven’t played the game or haven’t completed it at least once, just be aware that each playthrough will be unique and non-monotonous.

How to Unlock the Secret Trophy Shop

To find the secret trophy shop, you’ll need to complete 3 playthroughs of Nier: Automata to experience the full story. After beginning a fresh game after each cycle, the game will (basically) point you in the right direction.

  • Secret Trophy Shop:
    • Requirement: Complete the entire story in Nier: Automata by completing its three cycles.
    • Location: Resistance Camp – Strange Resistance Woman

The Resistance Camp is where you can find the Strange Resistance Woman. She’s available 24/7. Talking to her will reveal a large list of options — select “Request unlocking you-know-what” at the bottom of the list.

NieR Automata

Where to Buy Achievements in Nier: Automata

You must have completed Nier: Automata three times—twice via Route A, once via Route B, and once via Route C/D—in order to purchase achievements or trophies. You can return to the Resistance Camp—the very first camp you come across in the open world—after completing the third route.

Find the “Strange Resistance Woman” at the camp – you’ve most likely spoken to her multiple times throughout the game, but after completing the final chapter, she will have a new topic. She is the person lounging on a tiny camping chair close to the door.

Select the option “gaining access to what-you-know.” Each trophy and achievement available in the game will be for sale. The following is a list of the costs for each achievement.

  • Bronze: 50,000
  • Silver: 100,000
  • Gold: 200,000

Create a new save slot and load it before buying any achievements. The game overwrites your savings every time you purchase one, ensuring that you always have a backup in case you unintentionally spend all of your money.

If you require additional funding, see if you can sell any leftover materials to a nearby merchant.

It’s time to start moving forward now that you know how to purchase trophies in NieR: Automata.

Gaining Access to the Secret Trophy Shop

In order to secure access to the secret trophy shop, you must complete Chapter 17 as part of playing Route C and D. Whether you select the C or D ending is irrelevant.

You will learn about a new topic to discuss from the Strange Resistance Woman from the Resistance Camp after the end credits.

Achievement Checklist: Nier – Automata

Achievement Breakdown:
Story Related: (21)
Side Quests: (3)
Collectibles: (10)
Slay: (7)
Miscellaneous: (6)

Story Related: (21)

1. Resuscitated Body: Stare into space from the Bunker.

2. Vestiges of Prosperity: Arrive at the City Ruins.

3. It’s A Healthy Baby Boy!: Complete the Desert Area.

4. We Await Your Next Visit: Complete the Amusement Park Ruins.

5. Creation & Insurrection: Complete the Alien Ship.

6. The Mechanical Kingdom: Complete the Forest Castle.

7. Ruler of the Deep: Complete the Flooded City.

8. Those Who Love Humans: Complete the Copied City.

9. Iron Soul: Complete the Abandoned Factory.

10. One Battle Ends: Achieve Ending A.

11. Fighting’s Not My Thing: Play your first Hacking Game.

12. A New Battle Begins: Achieve Ending B.

13. Final Wish:

14. Treacherous Blade: Control A2 for the first time.

15. Farwell Pascal: Grant Pascal’s final request.

16. Justice: Stop all Resource Recovery Units.

17. Crime & Punishment: Watch the final moments of Devola & Popola.

18. Leaving For the New World: Achieve 9S’s Ending.

19. Beautiful World: Achieve A2’s Ending.

20. The Minds That Emerged: View the Final Credits.

21. Transcendent Being: All 26 Endings achieved.

Side Quests: (3)

1. First Errand: Complete your first Quest.

2. The Mercenary: 80% of all Sub Quests completed.

3. Lunar Tear: The Place of Memories has been visited.

Collectibles: (10)

1. Desire Without Emotion: At least 100,000 G in possession.

2. Pod Hunter: All 3 Pods found.

3. Harvest King: Materials gathered at a hidden Harvest Point 10 times.

4. A Round By the Pond: 20 different kinds of Fish caught.

5. Tools of the Trade: Any Weapon upgraded to the highest level.

6. Inorganic Blade: All 39 Weapons upgraded to the highest level.

7. Weapons Maniac: All 17 Pod Programs obtained.

8. Supreme Support Weapons: All 3 Pods upgraded to the highest level.

9. Information Master: 80% of all Archives found.

10. Chip Collector: 80% of all Plug-In Chips collected.

Slay: (7)

1. Wait! Don’t Kill Me!: 10 friendly Machine Lifeforms destroyed.

2. Destruction is My Job: 80% of all Unit Data is unlocked.

3. Ruler of the Skies: 255 enemies were destroyed using a Flight Unit.

4. A Scanner’s Power: 100 Machine Lifeforms destroyed by Hacking.

5. Machines vs Machines: 50 Machine Lifeforms destroyed by Remote Control.

6. The Power of Hate: 50 Machine Lifeforms destroyed with Berserk Mode.

7. Naughty Children: Emil destroyed.

Miscellaneous: (6)

1. What Are You Doing?: 2B’s secret discovered 10 times…

2. Come Take A Look: Emil’s Shop used for the first time.

3. The Circle of Death: Have your body collected.

4. Cherish Our Resources: Have 100 bodies collected.

5. Not That I Mind…: 1 hour played with 9S in a certain state.

6. Animal Rider: Any animal is ridden for 5 kilometers.