You already know that there are countless options available at Target if you’ve ever visited one, which is why almost eight out of ten Americans shop there. shoppers Customers are catered to by Target in more than 1,900 locations and online at This leaves plenty of room for Stephen-store and DOT COM returns in addition to other liquidation inventory like overstock and seasonal goods. So, how do you get your hands on Target return pallets?

Target Auction Liquidations is an authorized Target liquidation channel that provides large quantities of products from various categories, including clothing and accessories, electronics, home decor, music and movies, shoes, small appliances, sports and toys, video games, and mixed lots. Both large and small resellers are drawn to the pallets of overstock and customer returns at this big box retailer. Resellers can secure Target liquidation inventory for the price they want in an auction-style setting.

Why Are Target Return Pallets So Valuable?

Depth Of Skus That They Carry

Every major category is represented by stock at Target. Hundreds of options or SKUs are also available. So, if you want to sell clothing, you can do so not only with men’s and women’s items but also with young adults, shoes, accessories, maternity, seasonal, dress wear, activewear, loungewear, intimates, and other items. Imagine the various SKUs for household items like furniture, decor, bedding, and bathrooms. The list continues with the patio, electronics, office, and entertainment. There is a sizable selection available here. And keep in mind that anything that is available on store shelves can be sold again on the secondary market.

Unmanifested Lots

Target offers unmanifested auction lots that you can bid on if you’re up for a little bit of treasure hunting. You might find gold there. Consider home goods, hand sanitizer, high-end items, seasonal merchandise, and anything else you might find at Target. LTL (less than truckload) or truckload shipments can contain a wide variety of different goods. The space requirements for each of these shipment types are broken down below.

Ups Lots

Also on the Target Auction Liquidations marketplace are electronics auction lots sold in boxed quantities – not pallets – at a fixed price. Buyers of electronics who favor the simplicity and dependability of UPS packages will find this to be a strong selling point. Instead of receiving multiple pallets at once, you can manage the quantity of inventory you receive this way.

How To Buy Target Return Pallets?

Understand How Items Are Sold

Target overstock and returns are offered for sale on Target Auction Liquidations by the truckload, or LTL. Buyers can browse auctions that catch their attention and submit bids based on the items’ suggested retail prices. The most important auction details will be listed in the auction title, for example, “6 Pallets of Used Furniture, Excellent Condition, 110 Units, Ext. Retail $5,679, Goodyear, AZ” tells you the shipment type, inventory type, condition, quantity, estimated retail, and where it’s coming from.

Set Your Filters To The Inventory You Want

You can use filters to sort through auctions that match your criteria. You can search using the following criteria: Condition, City and State, Current High Bids, and Shipment Type. Below, we’ll go over the significance of a few of these filters.

Familiarize Yourself With Product & Packaging Conditions

The Target marketplace adheres to the same uniform standards for products and packaging as the majority of B-Stock marketplaces. Because of this, interested buyers can feel secure when placing bids and buying inventory on B-Stock’s liquidation marketplaces.

Calculate Your Costs

Be sure to establish your formula for determining your maximum bid for Target returns and overstock inventory. In order to see the most valuable items, interested buyers can sort directly on the manifest page with the aid of the manifest. You could also download the manifest and perform your calculations directly in an Excel file. The quantity, MSRP, and shipping costs are important considerations. There may also be charges for liftgates and residential addresses.

Decide On A Shipment Size

The standard pallet size is 48″ x 40″. A truckload contains 24 pallets, and an LTL can contain one to ten or twelve. Gaylord and “Stacked and Wrapped” are the two methods that are most frequently used to pack and palletize products.’ You can ship products in a sizable, single container by using Gaylords, which are typically found on Target. Gaylords are one enormous box that fits the dimensions of the pallet.

Think about the possibility that some products might require more space because they are bulkier than others. LTL is a good option if you don’t have room to store a truckload of inventory. You can also select from the smaller auction lots that are offered on B-Stock Supply as an alternative.

Find The Warehouse Closest To You

The fact that Target has locations all over the country is a huge advantage of using their marketplace. Customers can shop locally and spend less on shipping this way. The cost of shipping is directly impacted by the distance that your lot must travel to reach you. You can currently find Target liquidation auctions listed out of the following locations

Target Pallets

Register On The Target Marketplace

To begin bidding on bulk lots of a range of goods, including apparel and accessories, electronics, home decor, music and movies, shoes, small appliances, sports and toys, video games, and mixed lots, you will need to register for Target Auction Liquidations.

Tips For Selling Target Liquidation Inventory

Products Require Delabeling

Some retailers demand delabeling as a step in the process of selling their products on the secondary market. To ensure that all overstock items being sold in the secondary market are known, major retailers frequently demand the removal or damage of labels, tags, or UPC codes from their products. Due to this, neither the reseller nor the new end user is able to return the product for store credit or a full refund. Although it is an extra step, it is necessary for buyers to complete in order to source inventory from Target Auction Liquidations.

Use Pictures

More images increase sales! Additionally, displaying apparel or brands on mannequins or models is even more effective! Mix stock photos and real pictures as you please, but don’t forget to include any damage to any of the items. Showing the good along with the bad must be done honestly.

Seasonality Matters

As a matter of fact, selling items during their proper season will net you a higher price. Selling out-of-season goods will result in decreased sales for you as a reseller.

The ways that stores transition to new seasons can differ, but for Target, they typically lag by two months. You can use this timeline to determine when Target will start clearing out old inventory and setting up new inventory. Halloween inventory won’t be set until back-to-school/college clearance has been completed, for instance, and summer/patio inventory won’t be liquidated until the season is over and the transition to that season has been completed.

Pair Inventory Together

The two are frequently combined in home decor. So when selling Target returns, you might want to think about including fun extras for customers to take home. For instance, if you recently received a patio set, think about completing the look with some decorative pillows or an outdoor rug! Not only do you get to cross-sell extra inventory, but you increase your chances of making that sale by helping shoppers have a “complete” picture-perfect feeling.

The Benefits Of Buying Customer Returns From Target

  • Customer returns are the most affordable kind of wholesale merchandise you can buy.
  • You can buy authentic goods from one of the biggest retailers in the nation with confidence when you buy Target customer returns.
  • Various circumstances can result in customer returns. You can serve customers with various budgets thanks to this.
  • As a household name, Target sells merchandise from the top brands available, meaning your returned merchandise will also be from the top brands.

Customers return almost one-third of all online purchases. This represents a sizable amount of returned goods considering that almost 20% of Target sales now occur online. Despite the fact that the store figures are lower, at 6.8%, Target must still deal with a significant volume of customer returns due to the sheer number of its locations across the nation.

These are the top reasons customers return items to online retailers:

  • 20% because products were damaged.
  • 22% because products were not as described, or looked different from what customers saw on the retailer’s website.
  • 23% because the wrong product was sent.
  • 35% of other reasons like customers changing their minds.

The majority of online returns to Target, then, are of undamaged goods.

Where Can I Purchase Returns From Targeted Customers?

Once the returns are received, they are palletized and liquidated. Target, the second-largest retailer in the United States, has teamed up with a reputable liquidation platform, Direct Liquidation, to expedite the procedure of clearing the returned goods from its storage. At Direct Liquidation’s online marketplace, businesses like yours can buy Merchandise from Target that is on sale for a significant discount.