Unclaimed baggage typically needs to stay at the airport for at least 90 days. This is done to give the person who misplaced it a chance to get it back. When the 90 days are up, what happens? The bags are damaged in some cases. Other times, they are put up for auction at unclaimed baggage sales.

Though it may seem strange at first, this is standard practice in the sector. It includes other movable items as well, such as packages and deliveries. If you are fortunate enough, you might discover something valuable or noteworthy, but you also need to be aware of any potential scams. For complete information, continue reading.

What Are Amazon Package Unclaimed?

A package may only be stored in a warehouse for up to 90 days, according to a policy followed by Amazon and other similar businesses. The receiver has the option to pick up the package during this time. If it doesn’t, the Amazon shipment is simply marked as unclaimed. The same item will frequently be sent again or refunded by Amazon to the customer. On the other hand, have you ever wondered what happens to the original unclaimed package?

The fun part starts now. These packages are placed up for auction in order to be sold to the highest bidder because Amazon needs to make up its losses. Amazon simply sells the packages in bulk on auction websites like GovDeals or Liquidation.com rather than opening each one and inventorying it.

How To Buy Unclaimed Packages

There are a few websites where you can place bids for unclaimed packages, but you must be aware of the risks. A website like this is GovDeals, with which USPS has a contract to auction off undeliverable items.

Fortunately, you aren’t placing a bid on a box whose contents are unknown. Instead, you are placing bids on specific items spread across numerous categories. You place a bid on the item you want in the hopes of winning the auction.

You can also check out the Liquidation.com website, which is linked to GovDeals. The ability to filter results by retailer or brand is one of this website’s best features. Included in this are packages and unclaimed goods from Home Depot, Target, Walmart, and Amazon.

The locations of each item are listed in the auction details, along with a brief summary, the auction closing times, and the estimated retail value.

Types Of Unclaimed Amazon Packages And Their Value

There are manifestos of the packages that some eCommerce and liquidation websites are reselling, and in them, they list the items, their models, and their serial numbers. Books, toys, and electronics are a few examples of labels that are often used for these items. Although there are general descriptions of the contents of the box, there are no specifics on each item. In this manner, you can gain some understanding of what you are purchasing and determine whether the package is worthwhile.

Unclaimed Amazon boxes have a wide range of values, from as little as $1 to many thousands of dollars. It depends on a number of variables. The seller and the buyer frequently have no idea what is in the boxes, which may be completely unlabeled. Blind boxes are the usual name for them. The boxes with at least a general label, however, are worth more. There will be a price difference between the electronic packages and those marked as toys. There is no assurance that the items inside some packages, which were kept in a warehouse for an excessive amount of time, are undamaged. Be prepared for some items to be opened or even defective as some are returned to Amazon.

Where To Buy Unclaimed Amazon Packages

Directly from the Amazon liquidation site would be your best option for purchasing undeliverable or returned Amazon packages. Here, you can look through various auctions and, if available, read information about each pallet of packages. These websites sell any unclaimed mail from other delivery services, like UPSP, in addition to Amazon packages.

Additionally, they offer products that have been returned or have expired from stores like Walmart or Target. The shipping of the pallets can be handled by some vendors, but keep in mind that the cost of shipping may exceed the package’s value.


In terms of e-commerce companies, BULQ, a liquidation company with headquarters in the USA, exclusively deals with Amazon.

The e-liquidation site posts new inventory three times per day, with prices that vary depending on the seller.

Others hold a two-day auction while some have a fixed price. But there are no refunds or exchanges for BULQ purchases.

Pallets or lots can be shipped independently by the customer, or BULQ will ship them for a flat rate of $30. Only use US addresses when shopping.


They offer truckload, pallet, and box sales of Amazon’s unclaimed lots. Unclaimed mail is available for purchase in a variety of conditions, primarily in the categories of clothing, electronics, housewares, and industrial, vehicle, and computers.

Unclaimed packages are up for auction at $100 bids, but some pallets are available for immediate purchase. Additionally, non-US citizens can access the actions through wire transfers.


One of the best options for purchasing Amazon unclaimed packages is Quicklotz. Truckloads and pallets of various sizes are sold as liquidation stock.

When it comes to unclaimed packages, Quicklotz has what you require in the quantity that works for you.

The website is comparatively simple to use, and there is a ton of inventory. Find daily discounts, sign up to hear about the newest sales, and save more money on unclaimed mail purchases.

Find a wide variety of items here, including clothing, toys, videos, games, and electronics for the kitchen. Quicklotz tries to maintain a check on the quality before the unclaimed packages are sold as-is.

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Through an online auction, BoxFox offers unclaimed Amazon packages from a major retailer.

Use the BoxFox app to follow live auctions or sign up for a free account to browse the site. However, they only offer for sale unclaimed brand-new lots.

Every lot has an asking price, and they automatically accept higher bid prices. They also offer package photos, ratings, market value, and other details.

Each time you purchase unclaimed mail, you must pay the bid price, the shipping charge, and a 7% commission.

Barton’s Discounts

Unclaimed packages are liquidated by Barton’s Discounts. The business facilitates the easy processing of Amazon’s overstocks, shelf pulls, and unclaimed returns.

Barton’s Discounts should definitely be tried if you need to access some liquidation pallets or truckloads for Amazon.

They have a company that has been around for ten years and was created to provide customers with effective services without a lot of hassle.

American Pallet Liquidators

One of the biggest liquidation firms in the US is American Pallet Liquidators, which has its headquarters in Indiana.

The business has solid experience selling Amazon unclaimed packages and always obtains the best stock options for its customers.

American Pallet Liquidators, in the majority of cases, has one of the largest warehouses, allowing you to physically see the lots with more than 2,500 pallets.

Simply look for Amazon unclaimed packages nearby at any American Pallet Liquidators facility that is open to the public to get a sense of the lots in person.

Final Thoughts

It’s unusual to try to make money by buying unclaimed USPS or Amazon packages. However, it can be entertaining to take an unusual approach or look for new ways to locate good deals.

If you decide to try it, picking up locally available undelivered boxes will give you the best chance of making money. So that you don’t lose money on items you won’t be using for your own business or around the house, cutting down on shipping costs helps you keep your entry price low.