Ebooks make wonderful presents. Whether you’re looking for the ideal graduation gift, a birthday present for your teen, or just a small token of support for a friend going through a tough time, ebooks can be of assistance. Giving a Kindle book as a gift is incredibly simple. Not even leaving your house is necessary! (For busy gift-givers, ebooks are ideal.) A Kindle book costs less than $3, while a more substantial 6-month Kindle Unlimited membership costs $60. They also come in a variety of sizes. Every reader type and every type of budget will enjoy receiving digital books as presents.

That’s fine and all, but what if you want your loved one to open something a little more exciting than an email? Do not worry. I have some original ideas for how to make opening an ebook a truly enjoyable experience.

Can You Gift Kindle Books?

When you’re considering buying an ebook as a gift, your first question may actually be: “is it possible to gift someone a Kindle book?” Since Kindle books are electronic books, giving them as gifts may seem more challenging. But the answer is that you can give Kindle books as gifts. And Amazon makes it really easy to give a You can easily complete this gift in under five minutes by simply following the instructions below. Kindle book as a gift.

How to Buy a Kindle Book as a Gift

The procedure is surprisingly easy if you’re wondering how to purchase Kindle books as a gift. Here’s exactly what you need to do:

1. Choose the Book You Want to Gift

Choosing the Kindle book you want to give as a gift is the first thing you should do. If you already have a list of books in mind, you can look up their listings on Amazon by searching for their titles.

You can browse the Kindle Store by genre or conduct a search using other filters to find the ideal book if you are unsure of what books you want to give as gifts.

2. Select “Buy for Others” on the Product Detail Page

Open the product detail page for the book on Amazon once you’ve made your decision regarding which one to give. Then, look for the Buy for Others box and click the button that reads “Buy for others.”

3. Fill Out the Gifting Form

After you click the “Buy for others” button, you’ll be taken to a page where you can fill out details including the recipient’s email address (or your own email if you want to print and give the ebook details to them in person). You will also need to enter your name, write a brief message, and select the day you want the Kindle ebook delivered. Once you fill out all these details, simply click the yellow “Place your order” button to the right of the form.

You’ve now successfully given away your first Kindle ebook! That was easy, right? And to think you were worried about how to send a Kindle book as a gift…

Cool Kindle Gifting Features That You and the Recipient Will Love

You now know how to give a Kindle book as a gift, so let me share some of the best Kindle ebook gifting features that make this such a great present!

  1. It’s simple to give a Kindle book as a gift, and you don’t even have to leave your home to cross items off your list!
  2. Because Amazon lets you select a delivery date up to a year from the time of purchase, you can prepare the gift in advance.
  3. The free Kindle app allows the recipient to read the ebook on any tablet or smartphone; a Kindle device is not required, though it makes for an excellent gift as well!)
  4. The recipient has the option of exchanging your gift for an equivalent amount in Amazon gift cards, so if they already have the book you sent them or don’t want it for any other reason, they can do so for a gift card instead.

These are just a few of the explanations for why giving Kindle ebooks as gifts is so ideal for both the giver and the recipient. It’s time to start giving gifts now that you know how to give someone a Kindle book!

Other Kindle Gifting Options

Giving a Kindle book as a gift is often a lovely thought, but it’s not always the best choice. This could be because you’re unsure of which book to pick, the recipient lives in another country, or any one of a plethora of other reasons why it’s the wrong present. What then should you do in circumstances like these?

However, there are a few other Kindle-related gift ideas that you might find are more appropriate in these circumstances. Here are some gifts you might want to consider:

  • Amazon Kindle Gift Card – The recipient can use this gift card to buy any Kindle books they want to read because it has the Kindle logo on it. (The Kindle logo indicates that you were thinking of their book addiction when you bought it for them even though it can be used to buy anything on Amazon, not just Kindle books!)
  • Kindle Unlimited – Giving a Kindle Unlimited subscription as a gift enables the recipient to take out as many books as they want from the Kindle Unlimited library and read them as many times as they like for the duration of their subscription. Giving them a variety of books they might like is fun when you do it this way! See here for instructions on giving Kindle Unlimited.
  • Audible – Giving someone an Audible subscription is a great present if you know they enjoy audiobooks! They will cherish it as a gift.
  • Kindle Paperwhite – Have you heard of anyone who enjoys reading ebooks but doesn’t yet own an e-reader? If so, a Kindle Paperwhite would make a fantastic Kindle-related present for them. They will treasure this present for a very long time!

Six Creative Ways to Gift(wrap) a Kindle Book

wrap Kindle Book

For some of the bookworms in your life, receiving an email informing them that the book has been added to their Kindle library may be enough to make them happy. Who doesn’t enjoy opening presents, though? It’s a delight that shouldn’t be kept just for children. Here are some creative suggestions to make sure your family members have something to open other than an email.

The classic empty box: With a note inside instructing your friend to check their email, wrap any size box—the less book-shaped the better—and place it somewhere special. If you really want to confuse them, include a ziplock of dry beans or popcorn. If you want to be fancy, use gorgeous bookish wrapping paper.

Tuck the gift into a tin of cookies: If you’re good with a mixer, make a batch of cookies, put them in a lovely tin, and include a card inviting your friend to read the book that is currently in their Kindle library while savoring the tasty treats.

Or you could employ this clever idea, just repaint your tin with the book’s title.

The mug and/or hot beverage approach: Put a bow on a mug and include a card informing your friend that they’ll soon be reading a brand-new book and sipping a warm beverage from their new mug. If you’re feeling daring, you could even add a tiny bag of tea or coffee to the mug. Want to go above and beyond with a book-related mug? Look at these fantastic sci-fi mugs, fantastic Harry Potter mugs, or these all-around awesome bookish mugs.

The envelope approach: I always knew as a teen that wrapped gifts were the best. They were the truly unique presents, such as a trip to see a show downtown or breakfast at my favorite eatery. There is nothing wrong with giving a simple, sincere card along with your book gift.

Wrap up a book, just not the one you’re actually gifting: Using brown paper (a paper bag works well), encase a book you own. Then, on the front and back, respectively, write the title of the Kindle book you purchased. Close out the discussion. When your friend has opened the gift, just remember to take back your book.

Or take a page from a bookstore and gift a Kindle book as a “blind date”. A copy of the email can be tucked inside the brown paper cover along with a few hints about the book you’re actually giving as a gift.

Get punny: Be imaginative when choosing the book’s title or subject. the N.K. book to your mother. Jemisin’s “The Stone Sky”? Find a nice flat rock, add some clouds to it with a Sharpie, and ask your mother to guess what the present is. Don’t be timid; be wild and fun!

Five Reasons to Gift a Kindle Book to Everyone in Your Life

1. Avoid the Holiday Shopping Madness

Do you want to finish all of your holiday shopping before December becomes crazy? You can choose the day on which Amazon will deliver your gift of a Kindle book. So, while everyone else is running around in December like their heads are on fire, you can sit back and feel proud that you purchased ebooks for your entire family in July.

2. Get the Most Bang for Your Buck With Deals of the Day

You can subscribe to Book Riot’s Book Deals newsletter here if you haven’t already. On the website, you can also find them daily. Friends, we’re talking about cheap Kindle books at $2–$3. Just saying, you can spend $10 and get five books for your bestie. You have their undying love.

3. Because Kindle Books Are So Easy to Exchange

There are times when you assume someone will adore a book and they don’t. Or, as frequently happens to me, they do love it but already have it. Yes, it is possible to exchange a book for another at the bookstore, but how many customers actually do this? In truth, exchanging an ebook is much simpler. If the book you recommended isn’t really their cup of tea, your friend can exchange it for an Amazon gift card and purchase the book they prefer.

4. Because Sometimes It’s the Only Option

Some books have never been printed. This is particularly true for some genres, like romance and fantasy. Some books that are truly wonderful are only available in digital form. You might be missing out if you only purchase paper books, as will anyone you give a Kindle book to.

5. Ebooks Make Excellent Budget-friendly Gifts

Personalized bookstores are my favorite. I spent seven years running a small business, so I am aware of how difficult it is to succeed. However, most of us do not have unlimited resources because we live in the real world. Compared to print books, ebooks are frequently less expensive. Kindle books are your friend if you’re trying to buy gifts on a tight budget.

Wrap-up: Go Forth and Gift a Kindle Book!

Considering that you can buy and send ebooks from the comfort of your home, they make wonderful presents for readers. Give a Kindle book as a present right away!