You must be considering making your sneaker reselling side hustle your full-time job, in which case you would want to buy popular sneakers in large quantities to maximize your profits. But is it that easy?

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to find limited-edition sneakers like Yeezys, Air Jordan 1s, and Nike Dunks in large quantities, especially if you’re buying from an official website. Websites like Nike, Adidas, and Footlocker don’t permit multiple purchases using the same credit card information.

How To Buy Sneakers In Bulk?

1. Buy Local

If you’re considering buying in bulk, your first step should be to look for some nearby wholesalers of sneakers. The benefit of this is that you can determine if the sneakers are real and purchase large quantities from them.

Finding local wholesalers who deal in genuine sneakers could be difficult, and you run the risk of being duped into buying fakes.

2. Individual Sellers

People who sell sneakers in large quantities are widespread. Although they might not be the newest sneakers, they are still recent enough for you to benefit from them. You can buy in bulk from individual sellers, but don’t forget to verify their authenticity.

How To Buy In Bulk From Any Site?

At some point in the sneaker reselling business, you’ll want to maximize your earnings, and in order to do that, you’ll need to acquire more pairs. We are not permitted to purchase more than one limited-edition shoe using the same billing profile, as was already mentioned. We employ the jiggling method to address this.

The jiggling method entails rotating your billing profiles so that the website believes they belong to a completely different user. To achieve that we can follow these steps:

  • Using unique cards which means if you have 4 different cards you can have 4 different billing profiles
  • Give each profile a different email address. If you’re a student,.edu email addresses appear trustworthy.
  • Using different phone numbers for each profile
  • By including your friends and family’s addresses for each profile, you can also use different billing addresses.

Things To Remember:

  • Currently, bulk shipping is only possible for sneakers.
  • Only Level 3, 4, and 5 sellers in the Americas, Australia, Canada, Europe, Hong Kong, and can use this feature.
  • Sellers are still liable for the state of the sneakers and their boxes, so pack carefully.
  • Keep your shipping carrier’s drop receipt, please! This makes it easier for us to investigate any problems with your shipment.
  • In a single shipment, vendors from the US, Europe, Canada, and Australia are permitted to pack a maximum of 12 sneaker boxes, while vendors from Hong Kong are permitted to pack a maximum of 7 sneaker boxes.
  • Still required to be put inside each sneaker box are invoices and the order sheet listing all the sales.
  • Whether shipped in bulk or individually, sold items must still be delivered within 2 business days.
  • Use the bulk shipping label, please. Any individual labels applied to bulk shipping boxes by your shipping provider will only be able to track the one shoe they belong to. All other contents are at risk and cannot be tracked! Don’t jeopardize your shipment!


Even if you follow all of the above instructions, there is still a possibility that your orders will be canceled if you try to order more than one pair, particularly if you’re using the same address.

We advise you to try various approaches until you find the one that works. Additionally, check out our Cook Group if you want to stay informed about the most recent drops that will help you profit as well as other coping advice.