Today’s society frequently uses motorcycles as punching bag. Motorcycling, in the opinion of the detractors, is too risky, expensive, annoying, noisy, and bad for the environment.

It is a fact that most people have a poor understanding of motorcycles. A world of useful and emotional possibilities can be made available by bikes. Stop watching Sons of Anarchy too; we’re not all lawbreakers and outlaws. The time is now if you want to purchase a motorcycle. Here are seven reasons to start riding a motorcycle.

10 Reasons To Buy A Motorcycle

It’s Cheaper Than Driving A Car

Motorcycles are easier to find parts for, require less maintenance (in part because you can do it yourself), and last longer on average than cars. If you do, go ahead and purchase a cheap daily driver and invest the rest of your money in a motorcycle. In your next argument with your significant other, feel free to reference this article.

It’s A Good Workout

Despite the fact that from a distance, riding might not seem difficult. But enthusiastic motorcycle riding can be a good form of exercise. In contrast to a car, the rider and the bike must move together to point in the desired direction.

As a result, the additional movement results in greater energy expenditure on the part of the rider and provides a brief cardio workout. Check out the MotoGP racing series to see how far you can push this. Drivers competing in MotoGP are in top physical shape. Not only because they are athletes and must be, but also because riding itself is isometric.

It Is The Ultimate Form Of Social Distancing

Social isolation will develop into a sport in the post-COVID era. However, since the invention of motorcycles, riders have been socially reclusive. One of the greatest pleasures of motorcycle riding is escaping the Rat-Race and getting lost in one’s own company.

If you wear a helmet, gloves, a jacket, pants, and boots, you are well protected from germs and viruses. The 1.5 m rule also ensures that COVID is the least of anyone’s concerns if they get any closer.

Motorcycles Take Up Less Space

We always had two cars growing up in a six-person family. But as soon as my three siblings and I began to drive, our fleet unexpectedly increased to six cars. It’s safe to say that our neighbors weren’t thrilled. But what if we gave away our cars and started riding bicycles instead? Consider the room in the driveway and on the street.

That’s an extreme example, but for many people, especially those who live in inner cities, space is a valuable resource; fitting even one car can be challenging. Buy a motorcycle instead of playing car Tetris. Almost anywhere will fit it, including your bedroom if you want to. You won’t ever have trouble finding a parking space because bicycles may be legally parked on the sidewalk as well.

More Ecologically Friendly

Motorcycles are much more environmentally friendly than traditional cars. Because of their significantly smaller engines, they consume less fuel, produce fewer hazardous chemicals, and require less non-renewable resources to manufacture.

In addition, a number of different manufacturers, including Harley, Ducati, and Yamaha, are developing all-electric alternatives. Many more businesses are looking toward an electric future as a result of the soon-to-be-started MotoE motorcycle racing.

Riding Is Good For The Body And Soul

The health benefits of motorcycle riding outweigh those of automobile driving. Your body is naturally more active when you are riding than it is when you are in a car. Nothing calms the soul like two wheels and a wide open road, which is why riding is also good for mental health. Science has validated this. In 2019, Harley-Davidson funded a study by UCLA that yielded the following results:

  • Riding a motorcycle decreased hormonal biomarkers of stress by 28%
  • On average, riding a motorcycle for 20 minutes increased participants’ heart rates by 11 percent and adrenaline levels by 27 percent—similar to light exercise
  • Sensory focus was enhanced while riding a motorcycle versus driving a car, an effect also observed in experienced meditators vs non-meditators
  • Changes in study participants’ brain activity while riding suggested an increase in alertness similar to drinking a cup of coffee

Ride a motorcycle for 30 minutes on a motocross track and let me know if you still don’t believe it can provide you with a good workout. I’ll set up the ice bath.

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You’ll Get Places Quicker

A hypothetical situation would be that you are in heavy traffic while driving your car. No amount of Google Maps wizardry will make up for the fact that you are already running late for work. As Nickleback begins to play on the radio, the car in front of you tries to squeal in.

A motorcycle zips up the middle of the two lanes, all the way to the front of the line, as your temper slowly erupts into a raging volcano. Go find a wall and hit your head against it to get a sense of how this feels. However, that motorcyclist will already be at his desk and on his second cup of coffee by the time you locate a wall.

Camaraderie Among Riders

Some motorcycle riders have a poor reputation. Although some people might mistake them for characters from Sons of Anarchy, the opposite is actually true. Many motorcycle riders are genuinely nice people who just enjoy riding.

You will quickly learn about the “biker wave” if you ever purchase a motorcycle (or already own one).’ simple signal given to a fellow rider below the waist. This small, straightforward gesture exemplifies how each and every rider contributes to a larger community. Except for your shared passion for motorcycles, nothing else about you personally matters. a brotherhood in its truest sense.’

It’s Safer Than You Think

One of the main reasons some people abhor riding motorcycles is safety. How many times have your parents, friends, partner, or Barbara from across the street told you that riding a motorcycle is risky?

In actuality, riding a motorcycle is risky. But if you follow the right procedures, it’s safer than many people might believe. In recent years, motorcycle safety technology has advanced at the speed of light. ABS, traction control, and stability control, for example, are now standard and made specifically for motorcycles.

A good set of safety equipment cannot be undervalued, and protective clothing has advanced significantly as well. Other drivers present the greatest risk on the road. You can lower the risks, though, by using a healthy dose of common sense and situational awareness.

Never ride a motorcycle without the required education, training, and licenses, and always obey traffic laws and your own personal safety limits.

Riding Gives You Valuable Experience

Experience is frequently viewed as an immaterial resource. Although you can’t buy it, you can earn it. However, it continues to be incredibly valuable. Not only are skills and useful knowledge acquired through work or education valuable experience. including being able to ride.

Understanding how to drive a manual car and how to ride a motorcycle similarly. If, God forbid, you ever find yourself having to operate that particular vehicle, it would be beneficial to learn how to do it. Knowing how to do so can help you become more well-rounded, knowledgeable, and ready for anything.

What Motorcycle Is Right For You

Find the motorcycle that is best for you before going out and buying one. This is one of the most crucial steps. You are probably aware that there are many different motorcycle designs, from basic scooters to loud and brash cruisers. Here are some important things to think about before you make that significant purchase.

  • Consider your Needs: You should consider how you will use your motorcycle before making a purchase decision. Are you going to be traveling far? Weekly commute? Weekends only? Knowing how you will use the motorcycle will make choosing one much simpler because there are many different styles and sizes of motorcycles. For instance, if you’re looking for a motorcycle for your daily commute, you’ll want one that’s comfortable to ride and gets better gas mileage. Comparatively, a weekend-only bike will typically not have a good mpg and may possibly become uncomfortable after about an hour.
  • Don’t Overestimate your Ability: Purchasing a bike with far more power than they can handle is one of the biggest mistakes made by novice riders. It is very tempting to go all out and buy a strong and powerful motorcycle when looking for your first bike, but I promise you’ll improve as a rider a lot more if you start with something smaller. You can learn all the fundamental skills, gain experience riding, and develop your confidence by starting with a smaller bike. You’ll be prepared to upgrade and truly appreciate a stronger and faster bike once you’re more accustomed to riding.
  • Choose a Bike that Fits your Body: It’s crucial to try a bike on for size when looking for your first motorcycle, just like you would when buying a pair of shoes. Since there are a variety of sizes and shapes of motorcycles, it’s crucial that you feel comfortable on the one you choose. It’s possible that you liked a sports bike you saw online but found it to be extremely uncomfortable in person at the dealership. Until you give a bike a try, you won’t know which one will fit you the best.
  • New or Used? Your budget and personal preferences will determine whether you purchase a new or used motorcycle as your first bike. Whether you choose to buy a new or used bike, the most important thing is that you are happy and at ease with your purchase when you buy from us; that is our goal.
  • Do Not Make a Purchase too Fast: A thrilling time in your life can come with the purchase of a motorcycle, but don’t move too quickly. Don’t pick a bike based solely on appearance. To make sure the motorcycle you are thinking about is the right one for you, it’s crucial to do your research on the model. Without placing any pressure on you to make a purchase, our sales staff will be happy to address any inquiries you may have about a specific motorcycle. Most of our staff members are also enthusiasts!

Take A Training Course

If you want to purchase a motorcycle but lack any prior riding experience, you might want to think about enrolling in a motorcycle training course. These kinds of training usually include both classroom and practical riding instruction that will improve your riding. The instructors teach you skills for lifelong motorcycle safety in addition to going over everything covered in your state’s motorcycle manual. If this will be your first time riding a motorcycle, it will probably be simpler to enroll in a training course and go on your first ride in a safe setting under the guidance of highly experienced instructors in a location that is set aside just for you and your classmates. In the event that you choose to ride on the streets, taking a training course will increase your riding confidence. To take advantage of this fantastic chance for all motorcycle riders, locate a local training course close to you.

Getting Your License

First and foremost, you need to get a motorcycle license if you want to experience the open road’s freedom on your very own motorcycle. Obtaining a Class M motorcycle endorsement for your license is necessary in the US in order to legally ride a motorcycle. While the licensing procedure varies from state to state, it typically entails a written exam and a practical skills test. Before you can register for the skills test, you must pass the written test in order to receive a permit. Before deciding to take the skills test, you will have the chance to learn the fundamentals of motorcycle riding and become accustomed to riding one. Taking a motorcycle safety course is, as we mentioned above, one of the best and simplest ways to get your motorcycle license. Once you have finished the course and passed the written test at the DMV, you are ready to get behind the wheel.

Having The Right Gear

One aspect that is even more crucial than your bike is your gear, in addition to choosing the bike that is best for you. By literally saving your life, the proper equipment selection is crucial. In addition to being comfortable, your gear should provide the necessary protection for you to ride safely. Helmets, jackets, pants, boots, and gloves are the standard items of clothing for motorcycle riders.

  • The helmet is the most crucial piece of equipment because it safeguards your head and face. You ought to wear a helmet even if it’s not required by law where you live. Make sure the helmet is cozy and perfectly fits when you buy one. A full-face helmet is advised because it offers the most protection.
  • Although wearing a motorcycle jacket and pants is optional, they help protect your body’s rest. The best protection is provided by leather or motorcycle-specific textile clothing, so we advise starting there. The best protection is also provided by clothing that has additional padding or armor on the elbows, shoulders, spine, knees, hips, and waist.
  • The ability to control your motorcycle safely, comfortably, and dryly depends on having motorcycle gloves. We advise purchasing gloves with extra padding on the palms and knuckles.
  • Motorcycle boots are necessary because they are made with the safety of the rider in mind. Your feet and ankles are shielded by the boots from the engine’s heat as well as a possible fall. Because leather boots will provide the best protection, we advise purchasing them.

If you need to buy equipment but are unsure of where to go? Visit our Parts and Accessories Department to browse through our enormous selection of motorcycle gear. Whatever your budget, our parts and accessories department has all the equipment you’ll need to stay safe while driving. Additionally, if you’ve finished a motorcycle training course, just present your MSF card to the cashier when paying to get 10% off your purchase.

Final Words

Of course, there is also the constant worry about safety and risk. When you’re around motorcycles, everyone will suddenly start bringing up this topic, which is normal and appreciated. However, whether we like it or not, life involves risk. If you hadn’t already decided that was true, you would never have left your house in the first place.